An applicant can choose to benefit of the VisaMetric VIP services during the application at our centre.

While you pass time in our dedicated Office, our experienced personnel will handle your application processes.

You can have our VIP service at a cost of 260 RMB (VIP) or 600 RMB (Super VIP), according to your choice, in addition to the basic service fee.

To take advantage of our Super VIP service you are required to make an appointment through our call center: 023 – 6331999.

The complimentary additional services for the applicants who choose our VIP service:

• Fast check in and checkout,

• Exclusive premium lounge,

• Personal dedicated assistance,

• Refreshments,

• Courier pass-back (except in case of refusal),

• Free Wi-Fi,

• Free photocopies,

• Free photograph.

We also provide below listed additional services to the applicants who would like to have our Super VIP service:

• Dedicated Call center services,

• Personalized assistance,

• Complimentary parking,

• Free email printing service (up to 15 pages),

• The option of submitting any missing documents before 15h00 the next working day,

• Will allow the application to be submitted outside of regular business hours and days; the application can be submitted by prior appointment from Monday to Friday until 19:30 or Saturday (tel: 023-6331999).

Please do not forget that choosing to use our VIP services will not affect the speed of consular decision process and the decision.